The Robot Hunters Room

The Robot Hunters Room

This is a custom room I made in the Unreal Development kit. You can see an animated montage of this room below.

The Robot Hunters Room from daniel keating on Vimeo.

Below are some of the highpoly models that I created for this level.


Asset Details

Below you can see the  in-game components of this robot head trophy.

While a lot of the texture details came from the high-poly models the rest of the texture details were hand-painted using a series of custom Photoshop brushes.  No photo sourced textures were used in this scene.

Here are the details for this chair. You can see that I have packed multiple channels on a single image for the specular/reflection masks. This was a common technique used throughout the scene.

Below is part of the shader network used to create the ‘oscilloscope’ effect from this video

It’s using a sine wave for both time and visual input to create the final effect. The ‘wavespeed’ and ‘waveheight’ parameters are being controlled using matinee.


Stages of Construction

1) First I created the scene roughly using block out meshes and some simple lighting
WIP screenshot of robot hunter level
2) Then I started making high poly models, baking out normal maps and ambient occlusion maps. While working on the lighting and composition.


3) here you can see me adding colour to the diffuse textures to work out the colour scheme for the scene


4) and then I created specular maps and worked on finalising the lighting and textures until I had the final scene you see below


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