arcadia graveyard

During Bioshock’s development I completed several tasks to do with this level: I was asked to make the plants more ‘lush’, to create a ‘dying plants’ effect for the story, to create a graveyard area at the start, and to improve the framerate by optimising the geometry on existing assets used in the level. Below you can see the concept, hipoly, lowpoly, and final textured version of some of the models I created to achieve these goals:

arcadia montage

I modeled, textured, and animated this whale for Bioshock.
bioshock whale
Originally it was intended for the museum level but, when I created a swim cycle for the model, it was used to improve the impact of the bathysphere sequence. Below you can see the textured model, hi-poly, and lowpoly I created using 3dstudio Max and Photoshop.
I made these consoles for the science level in bioshock.consoles in game

Originally intended as a specific gameplay element they proved so attractive and versatile that they were eventually used throughout the game in many situations.

Below you can see the progression from hipoly, through lowpoly, to final textured asset.

science montage
All three assets have 3 bitmaps ranging in size from 256×512 to 1024×1024. 1 diffuse, 1 normalmap, 1 mask (spec & illumination on different channels). The black box shows the UV layout for the console top in the first picture.
These are the concepts I did for the lever console on the right. The final version was a combination of 4 & 2.
concepts for the control lever


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