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  • Scheduling and leadership experience
  • Entire Level blockout, scene construction, entire level polish, & lighting skills
  • High & low polygon modeling including UV mapping
  • Texture & shader creation
  • Expert at optimising levels for performance & memory on console and PC using PIX and GPAD
  • Expert at 3d Studio Max, Photoshop, & the Unreal engine
  • Experienced with Motionbuilder, Maya, Unity, Substance Designer, & Zbrush

Work History

Currently working as a Senior Environment Artist at Obsidian Entertainment.

January 2015-October 2015

At Petroglyph Games I worked with designers, prop artists, and the art director to create levels using the in-house editor for Grey Goo and then switched to creating art for various iphone titles using Unity and Substance designer

November 2013- December 2014

On Battlefield Hardline I worked with designers and other artists to decorate and layout spaces, polish areas, solve performance problems, and model and texture architecture and props. Later in development I was assigned as the primary level artist to the multiplayer level known as ‘the block’ and was responsible for solving performance and visual problems for the entire level.

January 2012- september 2013

Worked at Irrational Games as a senior level builder on Bioshock Infinite and the Bioshock Infinite DLC.
On Bioshock infinite I was one of the primary level builders on the Finkton level. I was responsible for working with designers and artists to assemble compelling gameplay spaces and manage overall level flow. This included lighting, story, and FX passes. Later I was responsible for optimising the level for performance and memory. 


Worked as a Level Architect at 2k Marin on the title released as ‘The Bureau: XCOM declassified

On The Bureau I worked from inception of the game to create multiple prototype levels as the primary level architect. In some cases I created assets which were used in the final version of the game.

Worked as a Level Architect on Bioshock 2 at 2k Australia (formerly Irrational Games)
– primary level architect for the Fontaine Futuristics level
Worked in various art roles for Irrational Games on these titles:

Bioshock – senior artist

On Bioshock I was responsible for creating many assets as well as prototyping new systems such as the dying vines in arcadia. I also helped optimise assets so that the levels ran at an acceptable framerate. My reliability and ability to work with other employees to create assets and solve problems helped fix the many issues which occurred during production.

Swat 4: The Stetchkov Conspiracy – lead artist

For the Swat 4 expansion pack I led the art team of 4 people
and created all the new character models.

Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich – senior artist

I scripted the in-game cutscenes working with the design team
and created props and sets for the cutscenes as needed.

Tribes Vengeance – mid level artist

On Tribes Vengeance I worked with other animators and used motion capture to create animations for the in-game cutscenes. I also animated lip-synch, created sets for the cutscenes, and some level assets.

Freedom Force – artist

For Freedom Force I worked with the designers to script the in-game cutscenes as well as animating the hand drawn cutscenes and creating level assets.

1997 – 2001
Employed at Brilliant Interactive Ideas as a lead modeler where I supervised up to 8 artists and scheduled tasks for them.
Worked part time developing educational internet content with CIT.
  • Certificate in Computer Animation (1996) at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Arts and Graphic Design (1993-1996) at the Canberra Institute of Technology.
  • Year 12 certificate (1993)

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